Hello! Welcome to My Road To Travel. I’m Lauren.

It is my aim to go travelling and this is my journey of how I am going to get there. 

The challenges I have are: money and illness. I need money to save and pay things off and I have to find a way around travelling with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

I need the use of the NHS because of my RA, which (I need to double check this) means I cannot be out of the country for more than six months within a one-year period. So, instead of going travelling for a year, I am going to go for six months (South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia), come home for six months (to stay within the NHS eligibility timeframe) and then go for another six months (South America and North America). 

My aim is to save enough money to travel for one year before I go on the first six-month stint, which will hopefully be in May 2020 (home for Christmas). I want to save it all in advance so that when I come back from the first six months I am not under pressure to save and I don’t get panicked if I somehow can’t get a short-term job quickly. This way, any money I make from the home stint is a bonus.

My first post, ‘The Journey Begins’, holds a lot of the background information as to how I got here. 

I always welcome questions, feedback and/or advice, so please feel free to contact me.